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March 26, 2017

Weekend Musings–“In the Land of Giants” NY Times Article by Jon Mooallem Gives and Finds Sequoia Perspective

In our weekend musings about what’s tracking with forests in other places, Author, Jon Mooallem, gets some human perspective from giant sequoias on a wintry visit to California’s Sequoia National Park in a New York Times article,  In the Land of the Giants. Mooallem provides history on the park’s establishment which includes back story on the Kaweah Colony, a collective of fifty three individuals who, in 1885, filed, according to Mooallem, for “8,000 adjoining acres centered in the Giant Forest.”  Great article for historic facts and Mooallem’s perspectives on these giants’ timelines, the public’s reaction to them and his own visit to the park.


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